5 Fun-Filled Things to do Alone in London

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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – You might have seen yourself ponder over what to do in London on your own especially in you’re visiting London for the first time. And though, you might not have come to a lot of conclusions, this article will help you in figuring out ways to explore London even if you’re by yourself. So, keep reading this article to find out more about this!

What to do in London on your own?

There are plenty of ways to spend your leisure time. Following are a few ways to have fun on your own:

Green spaces

If there’s one thing that almost everyone who comes to London likes is their green spaces. They are spacious and have a sense of calmness in them that would not only help you ponder off but wander around as well with a good book. It’s a fun place for all ages of people especially if you want to be alone with your thoughts for a while!

If you’re seeking activities to do in London alone, this is an excellent option. We’re quite blessed in London with our green areas, from breathtaking views and floral parks to Instagram-worthy wonders. And when there are over 100 scattered across the city, you’re quite spoilt for choice!

There’s plenty to keep you occupied particularly since it’s Summer with Victoria Park and Hyde park in the southeast to Kew Gardens. So, what else are you holding out for? Put on some sunscreen, get some ice cream, and get to work!


Another option on our list is to go shopping if you’ve saved up or have enough to buy yourself a few cutesy things. Not just that, you can buy souvenirs or clothes of the best clothing material and from top-notch brands that help you in relieving stress as well as give you enough time to have fun by yourself too. From high-end stores to hippie hangouts, London offers it all.

Oxford Street is the apparent pick, but there are several additional options throughout town. If you’re searching for high street businesses, Westfield in Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush both are good enough to justify a visit, and you could head to these fantastic antique boutiques if you’re seeking vintage clothing. Around the London eye, you’ll find even more shops.

Cooking Classes

These classes are quite common in London and a lot of people sign up for them. This solely is one of the activities where there are no bounds to your creativity and is a great time to have some time to yourself. The satisfaction of the output and the taste of the food you make is indescribable.

These classes give you opportunities to interact with others as well. all the while, learning to make exquisite food and adding another skill to yourself as well as your CV. The courses are relatively short, and they range from several different courses that you can sign up for. So, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from!

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Concerts or Cinemas

London is always up to date with the latest movies released in electric cinemas and the music concerts of most celebrities. It is always a good choice to go to one of those especially if you’re alone since they don’t need any prior planning and you can just up and go. It’s quite an adventure if you do so because the excitement and enjoying the whole ordeal serve a greater purpose than just getting up to date with the trends.

Food Markets

We have some of the most amazing borough markets in the world. The food markets near the British museum have multiple ranges of cuisine that one can choose from. Not just this, you can go and even set up your stall if you are interested but that is only possible if you are up for it and follow a set of guidelines of that specific community.

Furthermore, the cuisines include Arabian, Indian, Italian, etc. You can choose any of these among many more and get to try different cuisines at reasonable prices that seem sufficient even if you earn about ten pounds. So, all in all, it is very economical and would be a pretty fun place to enjoy it by yourself. And the people watching and cheering will help boost your confidence.


To conclude this whole topic, you can do plenty of things on your own while in London since it has plenty of diversified activities you can choose from. You can go to movies, and concerts, visit the great fire of London, cooking classes, walk tours in a brick lane, roam around in street arts like tate modern, visit St Paul’s Cathedral, etc. Though what matters the most is what you, the solo traveler, are inclined to do more and what would be fun for you to do. Hopefully, you no longer need to worry about what to do in London on your own!

Beth Malcolm

Beth Malcolm is Scottish based Journalist at Heriot-Watt University studying French and British Sign Language. She is originally from the north west of England but is living in Edinburgh to complete her studies.