Increase your vitality in the workplace: 5 tips

LONDON (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Vitality in the workplace is essential. Because when you feel good about yourself, you perform better. The higher your vitality, the more motivated, attentive and productive you are. A healthy mind in a healthy body is the message here. How do you ensure a more vital life? With these tips we help you on your way.

1. Healthier and more social life

Vitality starts in the first place with yourself. A good start is to adjust your diet. Opt for a fresh piece of fruit or a fresh salad more often. Because healthy food provides more energy. And that energy feeds our vitality.

Your mental health also plays an important role in this. With an increased vitality you prevent stress or even a burnout. So make sure you take enough rest moments. Go outside if you need to. Or have a chat with a colleague. Social contact leads to more happiness.

2. Setting Goals

To increase your vitality, plans for the future are necessary. Prospects and new challenges keep us motivated. It is critical for a company to provide growth opportunities for team members.

By maintaining the same position for years, you do not make room for personal growth. And that is exactly what is needed for a more vital life. Talk to your employer that it is time for something new. Provide variety in your job and the opportunity to keep learning.

3. Finding Happiness

Despite having success in your career, it doesn’t always make you happy. Your job can offer you many benefits, but the essence is to feel good at work. Do you come home exhausted every night? Or do you get the feeling that you are out of place somewhere?

Think about what really makes you happy. And put your own happiness first. Look for a job where you do get the feeling that you can make change possible.

4. Engage your team

Within a company it is crucial that everyone contributes to a better vitality. Seek support for this from your manager or human resources department. Introducing small changes can mean great added value for well- being in the workplace. By introducing flexible working hours, purchasing adjustable desks or organising exercise moments, you can already make a big difference.

Also suggest offering fruit or other healthy alternatives in the cafeteria if this is not already the case. Because it is in both your and your employer’s interest that everyone feels good when performing their job.

5. A back support

To lead a more vital life, there is a need for personal development. By eating a sufficiently balanced diet , exercising enough and resting frequently, you learn healthy habits.

You also need the right mindset to be more positive in life. A lifestyle or vitality coach will be happy to help you on your way. He or she will give you tips to rediscover your zest for life and help you broaden your view of the world. This will make you physically and mentally happier. And let that be the essence of a vital life.