MPs to host Parliamentary Evidence Panels into Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Following the start of South Africa’s genocide case against Israel over the Gaza War at the International Court of Justice, two senior West Yorkshire MPs, Imran Hussain and Richard Burgon, have today announced a series of Parliamentary Evidence Panels to investigate similar reports of war crimes.

With mounting concern that the Israeli Government’s actions in Gaza are in breach of international law, Imran Hussain MP and Richard Burgon have announced that they will be launching a series of evidence panels for MPs into Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

These evidence panels organised by Mr Hussain and Mr Burgon will involve range of legal experts and rights groups to address MPs at the Parliamentary Evidence Panels into Israeli War Crimes in Gaza.

At the panels in the House of Commons, which begin next week, MPs will be presented with testimony and evidence of war crimes reported to have been committed by the Israeli military. Evidence from the sessions will later be made public and submitted to the relevant authorities, including the International Criminal Court.

Speaking on the Parliamentary Evidence Panels into Israeli War Crimes, Imran Hussain, MP for Bradford East said:

“The brutal conflict in Gaza has seen repeated serious reports of war crimes committed by the Israeli military, but instead of condemnation and investigation, these reports have been met with silence and dismissal by the UK Government who have refused to properly investigate the Israeli military and government’s violations of international law.

“If our Government continues to refuse to stand up for justice or for international law where those responsible for war crimes are held to account, and continues to refuse to press for the immediate ceasefire that we need to see, then these panels will do it for them, and we will make it clear that there is no escaping accountability for violating international law.”

Also speaking on the Parliamentary Evidence Panels, Richard Burgon, MP for Leeds East, said:

“Our Government’s repeated failure to demand an immediate ceasefire has given the green light to Israel to carry out more killings and more war crimes against the people of Gaza.

“As MPs, we cannot stand by while international law is openly violated. We have a responsibility to do all we can to prevent war crimes and to hold those perpetrating such crimes to account.

“These sessions will shine a light in parliament on the brutal crimes that Israel is carrying out in Gaza and add to the mounting pressure for our Government to speak out and finally demand an immediate ceasefire.”