Parliamentary Turmoil: Controversial Figure Nadine Dorries Targeted for Removal

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London (Parliament Politic Magazine) – Conservative Member of Parliament, Nadine Dorries, is currently at risk of being expelled from Parliament. If she fails to attend for a continuous period of six months it will be difficult for her to stay. This idea has been presented by Sir Chris Bryant, a prominent Labour MP.

In June, Ms. Dorries initially announced her decision to step down as the Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire. However, she later clarified that she would not officially resign until she received further clarification regarding the reasons behind the denial of her peerage.

Nadine Dorries Moves Out of Parliament

A shocking revelation has come to light. Conservative Member of Parliament Nadine Dorries is going out of the Parliament. It is imperative to understand that the proposed action against Ms. Dorries is a consequence of her potential prolonged absence from parliamentary duties. This development has been initiated by Sir Chris Bryant, a respected figure within the Labour Party.

She has not spoken in the Commons since July 2022 and last cast her vote in April. As we approach the six-month mark since her last parliamentary vote, which falls on October 26th, Sir Chris has put forth a proposal, initially reported by the Financial Times. According to his plan, a motion could be presented in Parliament, mandating the attendance of MPs in the Commons on specific dates.

If they fail to do so, he said this could be considered contempt of Parliament, which can result in a suspension from the Commons. Moreover, if MPs approve a suspension of 10 days or more, this can initiate a by-election in the constituency, providing voters with the opportunity to remove their local MP. Sir Chris, the chair of the Commons standards committee, stated that this action is grounded in a parliamentary rule dating back to 1801, which prohibits members from leaving town without the permission of the House.

MP. Sir Chris Reveals Information to Media

During an interview with the BBC, MP. Sir Chris expressed his desire to establish equal standards for Members of Parliament (MPs) and councilors. He emphasized the need for MPs to face similar consequences as councilors, who are automatically disqualified and prompt a by-election if they fail to attend any meetings for six months without a valid justification.

He further reveals: “I just think this is bringing the whole system into disrepute. “Why should you be allowed to draw a salary and claim expenses for your staff and all that kind of stuff if you’re not actually doing the job of turning up?”

Sir Chris stated that he had engaged in discussions regarding his proposals with the whips from both the Conservative and Labour parties. These whips play a crucial role in organizing each party’s contribution to parliamentary business. Additionally, Sir Chris sought advice from the Clerk of the House, an expert in parliamentary procedure. He also said everybody knows that, at least in theory, it is a feasible option.

When questioned about his intention to propose a motion to remove Ms. Dorries from her position when Parliament reconvenes in the autumn, Sir Chris responded, “Perhaps she will make an appearance on the first day back in September and actively engage in debates and other parliamentary activities. Alternatively, she may choose to resign… We shall wait and observe the outcome.”

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The Battle to Oust Nadine Dorries from Parliament

In a recent statement, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed his concern over the inadequate representation of the people of Mid Bedfordshire. However, despite his authority to suspend her as a Conservative MP, Mr. Sunak lacks the power to remove Ms. Dorries from Parliament.

We have reached out to Ms. Dorries for her response on this matter. It is worth mentioning that she has previously alleged the involvement of sinister forces in denying her a seat in the House of Lords.

As a staunch supporter of Boris Johnson, she has leveled accusations against Mr. Sunak’s political team, claiming that they deliberately omitted her name from the list of honors for the former prime minister’s resignation. The Flitwick Town Council has stated that Ms. Dorries has not conducted any surgeries in the area since March 2020.

Instead, she appears to be more engrossed in her television show and forthcoming book. In response, Ms. Dorries has affirmed that her office remains fully operational, and she remains committed to serving her constituents.

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