Peter Bone Net Worth: Life, Age, Political Career & Bio

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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Peter William Bone is a British Conservative Party politician. He has served as the Deputy Leader of the House of Commons in 2022. Moreover, he is serving as the Member of Parliament for Wellingborough since 2005. If this isn’t enough he campaigned excessively for Brexit in the EU referendum. He has been a part of the political advisory board of Leave Means leave.

Peter formerly worked as an accountant and a company director. He later entered the Parliament as MP for both Wellingborough and Rushden in 2005. You will not be surprised to know that he is regularly among the ten most active MPs in the Parliament. Here are more details about Peter Williams’s net worth, age, lifestyle, and political career.

Bio & Early Life

Peter William Bone was born on 19 October 1952 in Billericay, United Kingdom. He is an active British Conservative politician. He is 70 years old currently and actively participating in all political activities. Peter belonged to a middle-class home and completed studies at renowned institutions. He completed his schooling at West cliff-on-Sea High School for Boys.

As he was fond of playing cricket he got a chance to play for a Cricket Club in Leeds, West Yorkshire. After completing his studies as a chartered accountant he became the Finance Director of Essex Electronics. In 1982, he became press secretary to start working for Paul Channon MP.

Political Career

Peter Bone contested for the parliament seat in the South Wales industrial valleys at the 1992 General election. At this time he was up against the Leader of the Opposition Neil Kinnock. This strong competition did affect him as he took the second position. He got 24,500 lesser votes as compared to Neil. However, he continued to fight for the European Parliament election in 1994. This time he was contesting for Wales Mid and West.

 He was soon chosen for the safe conservative seat of Pudsey. As the veteran MP Giles Shaw retired from the 1997 general election it gave him a good push. However, 1997 became a bad year for the Tories and Labour. Peter lost to Pudsey to Paul Truswell with lesser 6,000 votes. Before entering into politics he was the Chief Executive of the High Tech Electronics Company. He worked there from 1983 to 1990. In 1995 he was criticized for being the ‘mean boss’ by the daily mirror.

Political Views

In September 2019, Peter expressed his political beliefs. He thinks that the general election will be a ‘good thing’. It will serve as a necessary step to establish a “Conservative government with a majority”. However, it will actively prevent a no-deal Brexit. He started protesting against a motion debate attempt for stopping Boris Johnson. His idea was to stop him from taking the United Kingdom away from the European Union without a deal.

In February 2018, he announced that Northamptonshire County Council has brought a new section 114 to notice. They needed to pay attention to the crisis in the finances. Peter is one of those local MPs who released an important statement during a time of crisis. He discussed that the problems are due to mismanagement by the Conservative councilors. Many MPs were expressing their concerns over the funding cuts from the Conservative Government. Another further argument meant that the Government commissioners need to take over the Council’s activities.

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Personal Life & Net Worth

The total net worth of Peter Bone happens to be around $5 million. Although his major source of income is politics, he has worked in other positions too. Peter got married to Jeanette Sweeney in 1981. They have two sons and one daughter together. In 2016 he separated from his wife as she is a Conservative Councillor. Peter got married a second time to Jeanette Bone and they are living together currently. The couple is blessed with one child. He has maintained a good image but got his share of controversies too.

In 2014, the Times newspaper reported that Peter was under an investigation by the Police. This investigation was going on for the previous 12 months. It is alleged that he did £100,000 fraud that concerned benefit payments. However, Peter issued a lengthy statement defending himself from these allegations.

 In March 2014 it was announced that Police couldn’t find the right proofs to put him in a guilty state. This is why the criminal charges were taken away from him. Peter proposed a bill in July 2013, arguing that the August Bank Holiday should be renamed to Margaret Thatcher Day. However, this bill ran out of time and couldn’t make any impact.

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