Phillip Schofield reveals hilarious moment Prince Philip called him an ‘idiot’

PHILLIP SCHOFIELD returned to This Morning alongside co-host Holly Willoughby and the main topic of discussion was the birthday of Prince Philip – who turns 99 today. Early on in the programme, Phillip revealed a hilarious anecdote about a time he met the prince.

This Morning was back with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby taking ITV viewers some of the biggest stories of the day. Todays big news was the birthday of Prince Philip, who marked a milestone today as he turned 99. After a discussion with the shows Royal Editor, Camilla Tominey, who gave the lowdown on how the princes celebrations might look during the coronavirus lockdown, host Philip reminisced about the time he was called an “idiot” by the Duke of Edinburgh, divulging a fantastic story.

Camilla was on the show to talk about the big royal event of the day and gave some insight to viewers as to how celebrations may have changed amid the coronavirus.

Later on, host Philip told the pair about a time he had met the Duke of Edinburgh himself, at the 60th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburghs Award.

He revealed he had been carrying out a wing walk at the event and it led to a memorable exchange between himself and the prince.

Philip revealed: “You cant ask him questions about himself because he wont talk about himself.”

However, as the pair got chatting about Phillips wing walk, the presenter explained the surprise Duke of Edinburgh had in store for him.

The host continued: “As I told him Id done the wing walk we chatted about that for a bit, someone said to me in the crew, hes beckoning you over”

Phillip explained how the prince had gone onto add: “’I wanted to introduce you to this man. Hes jumping out of it [a plane], youre walking on top of it,

“Thought itd introduce 2 idiots together,” Phillip recalled as he burst into laughter at the past events.

The pair met whilst filming ITVs When Phillip met Prince Philip: 60 Years of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which aired back in 2016.

Phillip to the prince: “I agreed to do a challenge, sir, for the awards themselves – Im going to do a wing walk,” leading the latter to remark: “Really?”

“Yes, for you sir,” Phillip continued, with the Duke of Edinburgh jokingly asking: “Who is trying to get rid of you?”

The pair both laughed at the presenters looming challenge, with Phillip adding: “I know this is a long and busy day…”

The prince interjected, asking: “Are you going to stand there on the wing and say, hello folks?”

“Im not quite sure what Ill be saying or whether itll be transmittable but Ill give it a go,” added the This Morning host.

Prince Philip noted: “Wouldnt open your mouth if I were you, like a balloon!,” with the presenter laughing: “A mouthful of bees!”

On todays show, Camilla revealed the current lockdown period was “arguably” the longest the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen have spent together.

She said: “Arguably in recent years yes, theyve been married for 72 years, in old days they used to go on tours together.

“When lockdown happened they were both unexpectedly put together… Buckingham Palace isnt opening this summer,” Camilla explained.

The broadcaster also addressed the princes next big milestone as he will turn 100 next year.

“They are planning tentatively the 100 birthday celebrations but the Duke of Edinburgh has said, I dont really want any fuss,” she added.