Presidential Election: results of the polls, highlights, the strange campaign

PARIS (Parliament Politics Magazine) – French Presidential Election 2022: The campaign for the 2nd round of the presidential election is over. The final result of the election is expected on Sunday evening. Throwback to a campaign like no other.

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The Essentials

  1. The 2022 presidential election will know its result this Sunday, April 24, in the evening, after the second round of voting. The campaign ended overnight from Friday to Saturday, at midnight.
  2. The campaign for the second round of the presidential election will have been radically different from the first, with a president-candidate fully into the game and a candidate from the National Rally in search, as 5 years ago, of a form of normalisation.
  3. The results of the polls have been favourable for the past two weeks for Emmanuel Macron, giving Marine Le Pen a continuous defeat on the evening of the second round of the presidential election. But the polls can in no way be interpreted as a forecast of the outcome of the vote. The extent of abstention or the ultimate dynamics of opinion make the results uncertain.

The first words of the candidates after their qualification for the second round of the presidential election

After their qualifications for the second round of the presidential election, the two candidates spoke from their headquarters. Emmanuel Macron spoke for 12 minutes and called for the rally: “I solemnly invite our fellow citizens, whatever their sensitivities, and whatever their choice was in the first round to join us. Some will do so to block the extreme right and I am fully aware that it will not be worth supporting the project that I am carrying, and I respect it. I know that it is for example the choice made by Jean-Luc MĂ©lenchon. For her part, Marine Le Pen also, in an eight-minute speech, called for the rally: “All those who today did not vote for Emmanuel Macron are of course destined to join this rally.”

Emmanuel Macron, a late declaration of candidacy

Emmanuel Macron declared himself a candidate at the very last moment of the presidential campaign. Expected for weeks, the candidacy of the outgoing president was made in the international context charged with the war in Ukraine. Moreover, since January, the Head of State has inherited the office of President of Europe. He finally announced that he was running for re-election on March 3, the day before the application deadline, in a Letter to the French published in several titles of the regional daily press. 

Did you know: Marine Le Pen declared herself a candidate in January 2020

The expectation of incumbent President Macron’s candidacy announcement has kept political commentators on their toes for weeks. Conversely, Marine Le Pen did not wait until the last moment to declare herself a candidate for the presidency of the Republic. Not hiding this ambition from the end of 2019, she noted that she would be a candidate for the supreme mandate during her wishes to the press in January 2020.

What were the 2022 presidential polls?

Numerous polls have punctuated the 2022 presidential campaign, until Friday, April 22. All gave Emmanuel Macron in the lead, ahead of Marine Le Pen, but the poll results cannot be interpreted as forecasts for this Sunday’s votes. The polls have already strayed from the actual results. And the polls are only a photograph of opinion at a precise moment, so they do not record the ultimate dynamics, neither that of the undecided nor that of the extent of mobilisation and abstention. Here, as a reminder, is an update on the polls published during this campaign, in our article updated on Friday.

Emmanuel Macron: only one campaign rally

During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron held only one campaign rally, citing a busy schedule. In the context of the presidency of Europe and the war in Ukraine, the outgoing president therefore held a single large meeting at the Defence Arena in Nanterre. According to the organisers, more than 35,000 people were present. Wishing to show the rally around his candidacy, Emmanuel Macron, and his team, had installed a certain number of political figures from all sides such as Edouard Philippe, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Barbara Pompili, François Bayrou, Manuel Valls.