Queen Elizabeth II: Sweet reason why monarch wears ‘lustrous’ pearls everyday

Queen Elizabeth II has one of the most impressive jewellery collections in the world with a huge range of necklaces, earrings, brooches and tiaras. While the monarch has so many times to choose from, she tends to stick to one specific necklace.

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth’s style choices, she is rarely seen in the same outfit more than once.

However, her accessories, like brooches and necklaces, are regularly seen again and again.

In particular, her three-stand pearl necklace with pearls which graduate in size, is one piece of jewellery that the Queen is rarely seen without.

According to one expert, the monarch wears three similar necklaces for special reasons.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Nick Withington, Managing Director of jeweller William May, commented: “The three-strand of pearls are Queen Elizabeth’s ‘go-to’ favourite piece of jewellery.

“They are suitable to wear for all occasions (whether reassuring the nation amid the coronavirus crisis or a princess Beatrice’s last-minute wedding ceremony or Church service at Sandringham or the Christmas broadcast) and the lustrous colour of pearls means they are fabulous with any colour of outfit.

“It’s simply traditional that a lady would wear pearls during the day and her love of pearls was started by her Great-great Grandmother Queen Victoria, who gave each of her daughters and granddaughters a pearl every year, so by the time they turned 18 they would have enough for a necklace.

“A tradition continued by her own Father George VI, as she gave his daughters a single pearl every birthday that was threaded on to a platinum chain.”

The royal has pearl earrings as well as bracelets and some brooches even feature pearls too.

It is also thought that the Queen’s favourite pearl earrings were a wedding present from her grandmother Queen Mary in 1947.

The button pearls are at the heart of her jewellery collection and they have also travelled the world with the monarch on visits to countries like New Zealand and Mexico.

The expert added: “Queen Elizabeth II is rarely seen in public without a set of her favourite 3-strand pearls – one of which was a gift from her beloved grandfather – King George V – celebrating his silver jubilee in 1935.

“Elizabeth was gifted a three-strand which has a ruby clasp and is not graduated and her sister Margaret was gifted a two-strand of pearls.

“They both wore these for their parent’s coronation in 1937.

“They now form part of her ‘uniform’ when performing official daytime duties.”

The three necklaces in the Queen’s collection all look very similar to one another but according the jewellery expert, the monarch interchanges them regularly.

Nick said: “The first a gift from her great grandfather George V. The second (apparently the one she wear’s most) she had made in 1952 from a collection of creamy coloured pearls that graduate in size and have a diamond clasp.

“The third necklace from the Emir of Qatar as a coronation gift in 1953 – this one has an ornate diamond clasp and is slightly bigger and longer, so perfect for evening wear.”

Other Royal Family members have also followed this tradition of wearing pearls.

Kate will often add pearls to spruce up a casual look or she will wear them for more formal events.

She has also borrowed pearl jewellery pieces from the Queen’s collection as well as having her own person pearl pieces.