Rosena Allin-Khan Net Worth: Life, Age, Political Career & Bio

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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Rosena Allin is a British doctor and politician who is currently serving as the Shadow Cabinet Minister for Mental Health. As a member of the Labour party, she is working for the betterment of the country. Moreover, she has been the Member of Parliament since 2016 tooting by-election. Rosena stood as a candidate at the Labour Party deputy leadership election. This helped her finish second place after three different rounds of voting. Previously she was working as the Shadow Minister for sports from 2016 to 2020.

 Early Life & Bio

Rosena Chantelle Allin-Khan was born on 10 May 1978 in Tooting. Her parents were musicians while her mother was a singer in the Polish girl group Filipinki. You will be surprised to know that her father is a Pakistani. They met each other while the girl band was on tour in London. After having two children together they parted ways. Her mother worked hard to support both siblings.

Allin started her education at Trinity St Mary’s Primary School, Balham. However, after getting disappointing A-level grades she gave up her dream of becoming a doctor. Instead, she started studying biochemistry at Brunel University. After this, she got many scholarships and was accepted to study at Cavendish College, Cambridge.

Medical Career

After becoming a doctor Allin-Khan started working at the Royal London and Homerton Hospitals. She completed her Master’s degree in Public Health. Following this, she started working as a humanitarian aid doctor in Gaza and Israel, Africa, and Asia. Before joining elections to the House of Commons she worked as a junior doctor in the emergency department.

During the pandemic, many people were attempting suicide for various reasons. She took care of patients at the hospital. As the workload was increasing and the staff was limited she witnessed a lot of dying patients. This is why she criticized the Government for not taking any strict actions against this. Since that time she has been introducing many measures like lockdowns and widespread testing.  

In 2020 the Parliamentary commissioner accused her of breaching the rules. However, at the time the British Shadow cabinet was reshuffled she was appointed as the Shadow Secretary of State. Her political tenure and profession as a doctor have helped her gain a lot of recognition.

Political Career

Rosena started working in the public health department. This helped her become more active in politics. She was elected as the councilor on Wands worth Council for Bedford Ward in Balham. While she served here from 2014 to 2018. Moreover, she served as the deputy leader of the Labour group.

Allin was later selected as the Labour Party candidate for the Tooting constituency. A seat became vacant and she took the spot when MP, Sadiq Khan resigned. Her election campaign became successful as many people from the working class and Polish-Pakistani ancestry.  As the election results were announced she gave a heartfelt tribute to Jo Cox.

In 2016, Allin was appointed as the Shadow Minister for Sport. This position was given in the hope to introduce safe-standing football matches in the UK. Her strong campaigns were going on at England’s semi-final match against Croatia. The matches were displayed on the screen live for many audiences. Moreover, she stood as a candidate for the Labour Party deputy leadership election.

In this campaign, she highlighted the rights of the working class. As a result, she received around 77,351 which is 16.8% votes. In the final round, she came second to Angela Rayner. After one year she was appointed as a Shadow Minister for Mental health. Since the time pandemic began she works around 12 hours at St George Hospital.

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Personal life & Net Worth

Rosena Allin Khan is married to Tudor. Currently, they both reside in Tooting while the couple has two daughters. Allin is Muslim and is 44 years old. Apart from her successful political career, she is an amateur boxer and trains at the Balham Boxing Club. She has been working as a doctor after completing her medical degree.

The total net worth of Rosena is estimated to be $5 million. Rosena remains very active on Twitter and Instagram. With over 192k followers on Twitter, she shares a good rapport with the public. She also likes to post her family pictures, especially with her daughters. You will be surprised to know that helped a lot of people during a pandemic. She worked for many hours at the hospital and treated people who were having mental issues.

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