Sir Keir Starmer assumes premiership in parliament’s historic session

Sir Keir Starmer assumes premiership in parliament's historic session
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London (Parliament News) – Sir Keir Starmer and his cabinet took their seats in Parliament, observing Labour’s return after 14 years. He pledged a politics of service, urging unity for national renewal and honouring MP Diane Abbott.

PM Sir Keir Starmer and his cabinet took their chairs on the Government frontbench for the first time for Labour in 14 years as parliament met. A new compatriot of 643 MPs amassed on the green benches to re-elect Speaker Lindsay Hoyle who is liable for the House of Commons and the discussions that take place in the chamber.

What did Sir Keir Starmer promise in his first speech?

Sir Keir expressed his first remarks at the despatch box as PM, having secured the keys to No 10 Downing Street after last Thursday’s general polls. He promised to “put an end to a politics that has too frequently seemed self-serving and self-obsessed”. In his foremost Commons speech as the country’s head, he vowed “to replace that politics of performance with the politics of service”.

“Because service is a precondition for hope and confidence, and the necessity to restore trust should consider laboriously on every member here, new and returning alike,” he said. “We all must demonstrate that politics can be a strength for good.

“So whatever our political disparities, it’s now time to divert the page, unite in a common effort of national revival and make this parliament a parliament of service.”

Who did Sir Keir Starmer honour in Parliament?

He also paid accolades to the new Mother of the House, Diane Abbott, who was re-elected as Labour MP Hackney North and Stoke Newington, following a Labour row over her choice as the candidate. He stated she “has accomplished so much in her career over so many years to combat for a parliament that truthfully defines modern Britain. We accommodate her back to her place”.

What did Rishi Sunak emphasize in his speech?

Rishi Sunak has made his foremost speech to parliament as leader of the opposition. He stated: “Can I begin by congratulating the PM on his election success and as he assumes on his formidable assignment, he and his family earn the good wishes of all of us in this house?

“In our politics, we can claim energetically, as the PM and I did over the past six weeks, but still appreciate each other, and whatever disagreements we have in this parliament, I know that everyone in this place will not lose sight of the fact that we are all motivated by our passion to serve our constituents, our government and promote the principles that we honourably believe in.”

Mr Sunak expressed being an MP as the “greatest honour, privilege and responsibility” and said: “One of the great characteristics of our system is no matter how high you ascend, you still have that constituency which supports you grounded.” The 643 members each have to declare an oath before parliament’s state commencement on Wednesday, July 17, pledging to “be faithful and bear true devotion to His Majesty King Charles, his heirs and successors, according to law”.

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