Use pastel eye colours for a dreamy look

Eye shadow denotes an intricacy of shading, an expertise and a skill set that goes beyond normal humans. But I’ve realised if you change the language, it’s far less intimidating. So just think of it as “eye colour”. Right now a kaleidoscopic

10 of the best blushers

Many people think about what they can do to look younger. Most consider super-expensive beauty formulations. You know, the ones that promise to erase every wrinkle and dark circle to make you look 20 years younger. (Spoiler: no such thing, it’s all

Try a swoop of eye colour for a dramatic look

You can’t argue with the magnificence of a beautifully executed black-winged eye. Except I would argue that its colourful counterpart is equally wonderful. A bit 80s yes, but it can, as per Valentino AW21, be super modern. A little colour tones down

10 of the best cleansing balms

The Eve Lom Cleanser is responsible for my love of cleansing balms. I discovered it in the early 2000s and it was the only product that loosened and removed the stubborn blackheads that had been residing in my pores for years. Additionally,

Simple steps to make skin good to glow

‘I would like my skin to look dull and flat,’ said no one ever. The desire for glowy skin is universal. In an ideal world – one where we are back at work and everyone has access to their aestheticians – you

Three of the best mask-friendly concealers

This past year, concealer has come into its own. Unlike a liquid foundation, it covers skin only where needed, allowing masked areas to stay clean and bare, and giving skin a fighting chance against maskne. And when breakouts do strike, concealer is