The Best Paying Finance Jobs for Skillful Professionals

London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Finance jobs are demanding and challenging. However, they make one of the most lucrative careers for people. If you are interested to have a job in finance it is best to find out what suits best for you. There are plenty of finance jobs out there that require skillful professionals. As a finance expert, you can work in various industries. For these jobs, you have to gain the required certification and licenses in general. The best thing is that many jobs offer a lot of freedom and flexibility. Before you get into the field of finance you need to work on your communication skills. Moreover, you need some proficiency while reporting the finances.

Best Paying Finance Jobs For Individuals

There are plenty of job options in the field of finance. If you are finding a job in the finance sector here are some good options available:

1. Investment Banker

Investment bankers are professionals when it comes to investment. They have to take care of mergers and acquisitions along with debt and equity services. There is no doubt it is one of the highest-paying jobs in finance. Your annual salary can go up to $113,266 in this option. If you want to get this job make sure you have a bachelor’s degree or MBA. You need to have time management skills to handle the challenges of this job. An investment banker can help with business growth.

2. Financial analysts

Financial analysts are responsible for researching and examining a huge amount of financial data. They have to make clear investment strategies along with other important decisions. The typical tasks of financial analysts involve monitoring events. Moreover, they have to create financial data and models for the businesses. The average salary of a financial analyst will be $76,670. You need to polish your accounting, organization, and analytical skills to excel in this field.

3. Financial Manager

Financial managers are professionals who have to take care of the stability of an organization. They have to oversee the financial health of the business without any difficulty. Moreover, they must manage the expenses and monitor the cash flow. Therefore they have to produce a good amount of financial data to keep up with the business needs. The average salary of a financial manager is around $112,377. It is necessary to have good problem-solving along with communication skills.

4. Financial Risk Manager

Financial risk management is a challenging job to handle. It is a critical but highly reputed profession. There is no doubt that a financial risk manager is essential for the functioning of a business. These managers can help identify and look for potential threats and risks to the finances. They have to look for ways that can minimize the damage when it comes to financial outcomes. If we talk about the average salary of a financial risk manager it will be around $100,339.

5. Economist

Economists have to analyze the outcomes and economic issues along with historical trends. They are responsible for building up a good economy for your country. When it comes to future developments they have to take necessary precautions for it. The average salary of an economist is around $111,261. Being an economist is a challenging job as they have to research, and collect data and new trends. If you have a degree in a finance-related field you should take up this job. Make sure you keep your communication skills polished up.

6. Senior Accountant

Senior accountants are renowned professionals who are in charge of challenging duties. Whether it is reporting costs, productivity, and expenses of the business, they have to handle it all. The major aim of a senior accountant is to take care of the current and past transactions of a company. Moreover, they have to collect critical information to keep up the success of the business. You can expect to earn $77,064 is a senior accountant. It is necessary to work on your analytical and problem-solving skills before taking up this job.

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7. Tax Director

Tax director is one of the highest-paying jobs in the finance sector. These experts have to make strategic policies for tax and other objectives. They need to implement ideas and thoughts that can focus on tax policies. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting it will be best to take up this job. The average salary of a tax director will be $198,829. It is necessary to have the perfect knowledge of accounting for handling tax-related tasks. Moreover, you will require good leadership skills.

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