What is Birmingham Famous For (10 Things To Experience)

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Birmingham (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Birmingham is located in the heart of England. It happens to be the second largest city after London. You will be surprised to know that it features a population of 1.1 million. As it is one of the oldest places in the city, its history dates back 1400 years. Birmingham is one of the top tourist spots and has wealth of attractions. You can visit museums, parks, and other interesting places. If you want to know what Birmingham is famous for, you have come to the right place.

Top 10 Things To Experience In Birmingham

If you are planning to visit Birmingham there are plenty of bars and breathtaking building to explore. Here is what you can experience in this city:

1. The Custard Factory

The custard factory boasts many shops, cafes, and bars. Moreover, there is a big variety of creative and digital businesses present here. This factory is built by Alfred Bird in the 19th century. You can take out some time to explore Digbeth which offers the perfect art scene. There are plenty of murals and wall art of different shapes and sizes.

2. Cadbury World

 Cadbury world has become one of the most popular attractions among families. There is no doubt it is one of the most favorite chocolate of everyone. It is perfect for kids of all ages and a must-visit. You can discover the origin of the cocoa bean while the waterfalls of the Aztec jungles are a delight to watch.

3. The National Sea Life Center

The National sea life center happens to be the best attraction in Birmingham city. You can take a trip to this place as it features a 4D cinema. It is home to sharks, rays, and giant sea turtles. Families can have a perfect day out and make their children happy.

4. The Jewelry Quarter

 One of the best things you can do is to discover the jewelry quarter. It is home to over 100 diamond retailers and workshops. You have the option to check out the Coffin works that are delightful to watch. An 18th-century church is built in this area. The jewelry pieces here are visually appealing and enticing to watch.

5. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Are you seeking out the best galleries and museums in Birmingham? Don’t look further as the Art gallery has it all. You get to see an extensive collection of Pre-Raphaelites paintings that are from the 14th century. While the Museum displays antiquities and artifacts from ancient India, Egypt, and Asia.

6. Canal Boat Trip

 Nothing can be better than experiencing a cruise to the canals. You can discover the rich heritage and culture of the city that display the industrial revolution about 200 years ago. Why not start your trip from Sherborne Wharf? While taking a trip the luxury passenger narrowboats are not to be missed either.

7. Bullring Shopping Centre

The bullring shopping center offers a wide range of high-street fashion and household shops. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy drinks and food. As the location is convenient you can easily drop by for a quick coffee break during your tour. All shopping lovers will be enticed to shop for some of the best products.

8. Botanical Gardens

 If you are in Birmingham, you cannot miss out on the botanical gardens. It happens to be one of the most popular activities in the city. The botanical gardens feature four different glass houses and stunning gardens. There is a butterfly house that gives a visual appeal like no other. Kids can enjoy the playground, tearoom, and gift ship. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in the UK.

9. Electric Cinema

If you are fond of watching movies why not catch up with a movie at the electric cinema? This historic cinema was built in 1909. It offers a wide range of moving options that are displayed in 3D. You can sit on comfortable sofas while there is a waiter taxi service during your movie screening.

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Birmingham is one of the most versatile cities in the UK. You cannot miss out on Chinatown which offers a wide range of cultures and cuisines. Whether it is the food markets, restaurants, cafes, or bars, it has got something for everyone. You can visit a casino or go to an entertainment venue to enjoy it to the fullest. This Chinese quarter is a gem and is located in the heart of the city.

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