What is England Famous For? Things They Are Renowned For

England (Parliament Politics Magazine) –  Are you planning to travel to England? Or are you wondering what is England famous for? Many travelers believe that England is one of the best countries to visit. There is much more in the country than the Royal Family and London. Whether it is the sprawling and visually appealing countryside or favorite sports, England has a lot to offer. England is one of the best countries in the world. You cannot help but fall in love with this nation right away.

Top Things England Is Famous For

England has become the top favorite among many travelers. England is known for its diverse culture. If you are fond of experiencing the diverse culture and amazing history, this is the place to be. Moreover, you will make many new friends in the country. The UK itself is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Here are the top things you can experience in England.

1. London

London is the capital of England and takes the first spot on your travel bucket list. Many travelers visit London throughout the year and enjoy plenty of activities. There are plenty of landmarks and historical attractions that you can explore. You will love to take a walk around the brownstone and red double-decker buses. The colorful neighborhoods and wide venues are other big attractions. The famous Buckingham Palace and Big Ben are one of the best spots. Moreover, you cannot miss out on the London Eye and River Thames.

2. The Royal Family

England is famous for the Royal Family. Nowadays only very few monarchies exist in the world. However, in England, the British Royal Family still takes up most of the headlines. Queen Elizabeth II took her place as the queen regnant of the Commonwealth at the age of 25. After her demise, the other members of the Royal Family will continue taking the throne at the right time. Many people can read various documentaries and get to know more about them.

3. Shakespeare

Shakespeare is one of the most famous genres in the world. He has penned many plays, sonnets, and long narrative poems. His famous works are translated into every major language today. William Shakespeare is one such name that you cannot avoid listening to if you get enrolled in English classes. Many travelers like to stroll around the birth house William Shakespeare in Stratford upon Avon, England. Some of his most famous works include Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth,

4. Harry Potter Books & Movie

London provides a magical experience to all travelers. You can visit the filming locations of Harry potter and find interesting books in the mall. Many children have grown up watching the Harry Potter series. If the adults want to have an interesting day out and experience the magical story themselves. You can also join a Harry Potter tour at an affordable rate. Make sure you book your tour after planning a trip to England.

5. Musical Talents

You will find a lot of musical talent in England as it is not restricted to royalty and writers only. Adele, Ed Sheeran, Elton John, and many others have made a name for themselves. Many cannot deny the fact that England has some of the biggest legends in the music industry. Everyone loves to listen to The Beatles and they are one of the reasons why England has become so famous. Whether it is a solo or a group, many cannot beat the exciting English music.

6. Football

England is famous for one of the most beautiful games Football. Many people like to watch entertaining sports games by booking a venue. If you are a fan of soccer you will like to visit England more than ever. This game has been popular since 1314. However, the Mayor of London was close to banning soccer due to the chaos that happens in the street. England has won only one football title but they have the strongest players on the soccer team.

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7. Beautiful countryside

England has plenty of greenery that will satisfy a nature lover. The lush and green countryside will take your experience to another level. If you are in love with manors and landscaped gardens you can go for day trips. The Cotswolds are stunning as it features many hills and charming villages. You can stroll around the vibrant market towns and get the best of everything. Travelers cannot afford to miss out on Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and Oxfordshire.

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