List of Belgium Newspapers

If you are living in Belgium and are looking for the latest news, consider this List of Belgian Newspapers. This listing includes national titles, regional papers, and news agencies, as well as other important sources of information. The topics covered in these

Belgian Newspapers and News Websites

There are many different Belgian newspapers and news websites. You can find headlines from the major national titles, or regional papers, as well as key facts and timelines. You can also read leader profiles and get a local perspective. There are many

Why tattoos are more than just body art

In Breast Cancer Awareness month, much will rightly be made of the importance of grooming for some patients, and of the power of a well-cut wig to restore privacy. But there are lesser-known beauty treatments with a more lasting ability to help

In control: why fetish fashion has returned

This week, 40 plus years after Vivienne Westwood first opened her SEX boutique, Kim Kardashian and Madonna have both shocked with fetish-leaning outfits. Madonna appeared at the MTV VMAs dressed in an Atsuko Kudo latex ensemble, leather gloves and cap, while Kardashian wore a

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