Chase away your morning mood and go to work whistling: 6 tips

London, (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Are you one of those people who better be left alone in the morning? Or do you know someone who would like to turn their heads over the whistling birds? With these 6 tips you will frolic to work!

1. Sleep baby, sleep!

This first tip is a huge cliché and you may not like to hear it. But going to sleep on time is and remains the basis for starting the working day well rested and with great enthusiasm. Not only is the amount of sleep important, but also the quality. Stop that bad habit of turning all your apps inside out for the umpteenth time. The light from your smartphone prevents a good sleep, the same applies to television and computer. Also avoid evening emails. All that input right before you go to sleep ensures that the hard drive between your ears doesn’t stop spinning when you close your eyes.

2. Started on time is half done

Preparing the next morning as well as possible will give you a lot of night-time peace of mind. For example, prepare your clothes for the next day, at least that avoids the fight with the wardrobe the next morning. The biggest factor of a morning mood is: thinking. If you decide in advance what to wear, what breakfast to have and how to go to work, the zen factor then is so high!


The moment you hoped would never come is inevitably here: the alarm goes off. Still, this doesn’t have to be such a hellish moment. First, set a nice tune as the alarm clock sounds, instead of that taunting default tone. Waking up gradually is much more fun, so your morning mood has much less chance. There are also alarm clocks that wake you up by gradually mimicking daylight, to wake you up as naturally as possible, but still on time.

4. And march!

People with a morning mood know it anyway: your eyes are open, but your body still seems to be asleep. Put a glass of water next to your bed to solve this. By taking a sip in the morning, you get your body going. Be careful not to knock the glass over, because that will not do the morning mood any good. A hearty, easily digestible breakfast is also an absolute must to fuel an active and fun day.

5. Change course

If you can’t get rid of your morning mood, you can experiment with your travel route. Take a different road, or even a different mode of transport. It takes you out of the daily grind so that you start the day a lot more positively. If possible: put on your favorite, preferably cheerful, music on the way to start your day in the right ambiance.

6. Take it easy

The common thread through the entire morning ritual: take your time. Take your time not only for breakfast or to commute, but also at work itself. Take your time to first drink a good coffee and especially to have a chat with your favorite colleagues. Just throwing some fun news and gossip back and forth and you sit down at your desk with a smile from ear to ear.

7. Sharing Good News

Gossip at the coffee machine can ensure a good start to the working day. When you’re in a managerial position, it can be fun to share some good news with your people every now and then. Send out a good news email at the start of the day, for example that the quarterly results have been achieved or just to say that you love your employees. The gray morning sky will clear up to a radiant workplace!