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London (Parliament Politics Magazine) – Lucy Allan is a British politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Telford since 2010. She was the Minister for Women and Equalities until October 2016, when she was appointed as Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform. Lucy Allan is also a former Minister for the Cabinet Office, where she had responsibility for driving government efficiency and effectiveness. She has been awarded a CBE in the 2016 New Year Honors List. If you want to know more about Lucy Allan’s net worth and other details, read below:

Bio & Early Life

Lucy Allan was born on 2nd October 1964 in Cheltenham. Her father was a farmer while her mother was a schoolteacher. She got the chance to study at Durham University and Kingston Law School. While she has a degree in anthropology and a master’s degree in employment law. She led a simple life as her parents belonged to a middle-class background. Lucy is 58 years old currently.

Political Career

Lucy Allan was the first female leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party. She was first elected in 2003 and she remained as leader until 2009. As a politician, she was known for her strong leadership skills and her ability to connect with people. Allan has been a Member of Parliament for the constituency of Telford since 1992. In 2007, she became a member of the Conservative Party, and a year later. After a year she was appointed Minister of State for Employment Relations in 2008. Allan is also a board member of the Women’s Budget Group. This is a think-tank dedicated to promoting gender equality in public finance.

Lucy was elected to the local councilor of Wandsworth London Borough Council in 2006. Here she was representing the Southfields ward and served until 2012. In 2013, she got elected as the Conservative Party parliamentary candidate. This is where had to contest the marginal constituency of Telford in the 2015 general election. Due to her hard work, she supported a direct rail link to London from the town. Similarly, she was determined to tackle the high rate of youth unemployment in Telford.

Family First Campaign

Lucy Allan visited her doctor as she was dealing with the symptoms of depression. It was after the death of someone in her family. Looking at this, Wandsworth Council started a campaign where they claimed her 10-year-old son was at risk of significant harm. Due to this controversy, she stepped down from the council. While she also moved away from her directorship with the NHS. In 2011, legal action was taken against Allan, and they decided to take further action.

Due to her family experience, she came up with Family First Group. It was a lobby group that reduces the number of children that are in the care of the state. Moreover, she has been actively working in the UK child protection system to support many families altogether.

In 2012 she went for a media campaign on child protection injustice. This helped her make an appearance on ITV’s This Morning. She participated in an edition of ITV’s Exposure documentary series on this similar subject. The documentary was released with the name Don’t Take My Child.

Allegations For Bullying Staff

In 2015, Allan got into a new controversy. She was accused of bullying some members of her staff. During an investigation, a series of voicemails were heard. In those messages, she was threatening her sick employee for taking a break. Moreover, she threatened his dismissal. She released a personal statement on her official website. However, it was later deleted due to a lack of validity.

The London Evening Standard criticized and called her explanation “a long rebuttal”. Later in 2016, she realized that sending a voicemail to one of her staff members was stupid. She wanted to apologize to the employee for her strange and strict behavior. Even she denied bullying him.

European Union & Advancing Liberation Agenda

Lucy Allan is one of the biggest supporters of Brexit.  She believes that the country must be prepared to walk away with a no-deal if such situations persist. Moreover, she welcomes some fantastic candidates straight from the Brexit Party ahead of the European elections that year. As Tory loyalists criticized her she took a stand to defend herself from the comment. She revealed that party loyalties will be “eclipsed” on the Brexit issue through the ballot box.

She was the first female to advance the liberal agenda. In 2016, Allan stated her approach to national issues. This led to advancement within the “libertarian agenda“. It was done to prevent the grave influence of the state. For example, she was against the sugar tax that was put up by the Government. Due to all this, she voted to leave the EU in the June 2016 referendum.

If this isn’t enough she introduced a private member’s bill. It was one of her steps to repeal provisions in the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. This is how the staff had to report to her the possible signs of extremism or radicalization among small children. During this time there was a controversy going on against the high-profile cases.  

Personal Life & Death Threat Controversy

In 2015 Lucy revealed how she is being threatened by a constituent. The email was edited properly and the final words were “unless you die”.  In the end, she admitted to changing the last lines of the email. Some people criticized her for making a fake death threat. Due to these problems, she decided to deactivate her Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, she later decided to ask for forgiveness on this matter. Lucy got married to a stockbroker and the couple has one son together. They live in Southfields, Wandsworth. Similarly, Lucy has a constituency house in Oakengates, Telford.

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Net Worth

Lucy is a famous and influential politician. Her major source of income is her political career. This is why her total net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

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